This was actually in the drama School 2013. around the beginning. i cant remember the writer of this poem already.

I drew this fanart .. about a month ago. but im pretty unsatisfied with it. so i didnt share, and not planning to. these are the parts i like.

I was never quite good in typography, especially handwritten .. i can see the mistakes, no need to point out. im going to practice it more. : )
wildflower - details


7 thoughts on “Wildflower

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  2. dee

    aah, this lovely poem from school 2013! i too tried to do a piece on it but i don’t think i did it justice…. sigh;;
    the poem was written by na tae joo ^^ when namsoon read it out i was on the brink of tears T T school 2013 was such a lovely drama.

    your fanart is beautiful!! though its a pity that you didn’t like it in the end, thank you for sharing the parts that you liked with us♡


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