Neverland: Portrait of Plants (D.O. fanart)

Portrait of Plants (D.O. fanart)

•  P r o c e s s   F i l m  •

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Kyungsoo is really caring. He is really lovely, really cute, then when he is singing he gets so serious, but that’s cute again. : D he is a really positive person in my view, and i also can only think about positive things when its about him.

even when he seems to be tired, he just really lights up literally for everything, and he has those reaaaally tricky playful spark in his eyes. like im sure he is up to something, but im not at all worried, cause he is not that kind of person who makes fun out of the others. whatever hit his mind im sure it would be fun for everyone.

i really looked for a reference photo that has that kind of playfulness in it. wide, curious, innocent, with that sparkle, and overall really really positive.

he is the plants because of that caring he has inside. (for not fans:) he is referred to as the mommy of the group. – mother of nature *cough – cough* . he is holding a flower. a wild flower, i tried to find a wildflower which looks simple, we see really often even on the sidewalks, and barely notice how beautiful that little flower is, and how vulnerable. so weak, still stands up against everything. i had a bit of thoughts about the wildflower poem too, i illustrated not long ago, shared only on this blog ( here ). kyungsoo is holding it gently, covering at the bottom from the cold with his own leaves.

i actually tried to make it look like as if he was talking with the flower, having some kind of connection with it (her), and we just interrupted him, and the moment he looks up with his eyes questioning us, but still half in that conversation. i think this portrait has the most harsh emotions on the face. i tried to keep them a bit melancholic, still, and put everything into their eyes and the elements, but here i really felt the need of that little energetic edge (? .. does this make sense?).

the leaves are .. ivy leaves (not sure if its noticeable). because its really common, and really antique, classic, pure, beautiful. and also really regular, at home we have them in the garden too. as usually, i try to keep the elements close to everyone, and to the everydays. : )

Portrait of Plants (D.O. fanart) - Details

•  T o o l s  •

• pencils ( 5H, 2H, B, 2B, 4B, 6B), pen (0.2 mm), ink (purple)

• A3

• about 5 hours


Portrait of Plants (D.O. fanart) - Details

Portrait of Plants (D.O. fanart) - Details

Portrait of Plants (D.O. fanart) - Details

Portrait of Plants (D.O. fanart) - Details


15 thoughts on “Neverland: Portrait of Plants (D.O. fanart)

      1. bubblydiaries Post author

        ah, i wanted to draw him … before, like a month ago. when i had a dream about him ^^’ with his short hair, right after they had their haricut. he didnt like me quite much in the dream though : DD but i wanted to draw him still.. never got to that point in the end : (
        aah, i hope everything was successful what made you busy in april! : D take some rest .. and tea! : D

      2. ONE CHANCE (@ONECHANCE1127)

        i always want to dream about him TvT
        but i never..
        i just went to seoul and shenzhen for their events kkk
        ahh dear u live in shenzhen right?!
        hv u seen them at the TOP CHINESE MUSIC CHART?

      3. bubblydiaries Post author

        shenzhen…? … they were here? . __ . if you say they were here and i didnt know about it im just going to jump off now. just.. just like that. o__o
        chinese music chart? haha : D nope, i dont .. … actually hear or know anything that happens in china, i have no connection with the media whatsoever, i wouldnt even understand if they were talking about exo. i know only what everyone else knows via internet, and even just like 5% of the 100%, because (i feel like i live in a cave) i dont really have .. time. ( = excuse, yeap, that was an excuse now)

      4. bubblydiaries Post author

        yea, okay, going to jump off. like how the hell did i just miss them out, when they were like right here, and… right. here. okay, nope, thats. *goes to the corner, and cries* … if it was even at that theatre at the coastal city, where they had their debut concert, which is like about 5 mins from me, then i really wouldnt know… god. TT^TT

      5. bubblydiaries Post author

        sigh~ okay, please tell me next time when they are near ^^’ i seem to be a failure regarding fast reactions. : D
        next year if i will be still here (not quite sure about that though..), then really, lets go together! i would love to : D

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