XOXO Luhan fanart

XOXO Luhan fanart - Coloured Ver.

XOXO Luhan fanart - B&W  Ver.

i cant decide … B&W or coloured….

•  S p e e d   P r o c e s s  •

•  D e s c r i p t i o n  •


so today i was supposed to share another fanart : D but then the world collapsed. when i woke up.

the exo comeback. oh my god. …. its not my first year here, and its not my first group to love to this level .. but i didnt feel this level of … i dont even know what for such a long time, for years. im screaming in every second moment, cant sit still, having goosebumps whole day, and excitement running through my spine up and down. … they are going to come back. *—*

i had him have the pink hair, cause i like it. not sure which hair he has on that black and white photo though. blonde, white or pink : D probably blonde based on the mv pictures~

i love lulu’s wrinkles. i love those the most on him. : ) around his eyes sometimes and his smile. i love them. they are really cute, they give a matured feel to his cute and lovely personality and his babyface. they have the message that he is actually well aware of what the hell he is doing, and he is clever, behind that silly personality. those wrinkles remind me that he is actually my age and we are both old  ^^’ i kind of have a feeling of trust towards those wrinkles : D and i looooove that they left them on the picture, and didnt photoshop out. gosh, how thankful i am for the editor, thank you, thank you so much.

XOXO Luhan fanart - Details

so my other fanart was put to side. its lulu too. i have been drawing it for over 10 hours now. but i couldnt calm down today to the level it takes to be able to continue it. and no one would be able to receive it in the right emotional mood either, im sure. : D

but i had to release my feelings somehow, and my lulu feelings too. so i decided i will draw the XOXO concept. just a simple one. planned to spend 1 hour on it. turned out 3. .. my shading is really impatient and messy. i had to correct myself all the time, because i made mistakes too often. … yea, not a good mood to draw correct. : D

XOXO Luhan fanart - Details

the video … is a speed art now. a regular speed process. ….. was the last time i made it before i buy a normal camera!!! oh my god… it was plain suffering with it. because i wanted to have it in 720p. which means…. the recording’s maximum time is 7 minutes. 7 minutes!!! i had to restart it in EVERY SEVEN MINUTES! in a 3 hours long drawing… can you just imagine.. god.

beside the 7 minutes limit… i was also .. yea .. because i forgot to charge my camera battery. which means. it was out of energy. and i always had to recharge it. charging it for 10 mins, and drawing for 10 mins. charging, and drawing, charging, drawing. .. sometimes i refused to wait, so … there are smaller jumps in the progress of the drawing ^^” and the song is from the sm performance, which was amazing, and to which lulu has not much connection.. haha .. but i didnt want to put any other song there now just exo connected one, and not from their existing songs, because its the new album, would be bad if it had an old song… and not the wolf, or the let out the beast (cause its too .. “beasty” for such a picture) … so this song is kind of… neutral. (though i had some thoughts of putting the song  Tiny-G – Minimanimo … cause its just so cute, and fits so well : DD but changed my mind)

XOXO Luhan fanart - Details

•  T o o l s  •

• pencils (5H, 2H, B, 2B, 4B, 6B), pens (several sized black, and gel white), watercolours (magenta, orange, black), ink (black)

• A3

• 3 hours

XOXO Luhan fanart - Details

•  O t h e r  •

im so sure i wouldnt be able to stand still and not to draw moments from the teasers or mv. im just so sure. sorry for the spam in advance …

did anyone notice that my descriptions get longer each time…? : D


4 thoughts on “XOXO Luhan fanart

  1. starsinthebox

    It’s BEAUTIFUL!! I love his pink hair it gave him… a very gentle look I gues.
    And yes I noticed your descriptions got longer than before but I’m not complaining at all tbh i love your descriptions :D!!

  2. nicqeu

    wow, thats incredibly great, you did well~ he looks ;;;;;; beautiful, the eyes TT oh i have something to ask, hm may i? n_n may i know what kind/type of your water color, the one that you used?

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      thank you ^~^ .. sure. its a russian brand, called Leningrad. but look around at artists’ tools shops, you may find it in other countries too, because its counted as a really good brand for watercolours, i also really love it.


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