XOXO Sehun fanart

XOXO Sehun fanart

i like his colourful hair : D

i wanted to draw it while i was waiting for lulu’s teaser photo. i said im going to draw that too.

now its released already (everything is always released WHILE im drawing. and im always reacting late for them : D thats why. i dont know if i should stop drawing and wait for the photos, or i should draw more so there will be even more photos released : DD )

so i do want to draw lulu. BUT i have a big problem. its called sun : DD its setting down. and even if i do draw lulu, i cant take a photo of it, because there will be only lamplight. which makes the entire drawing look like 10 times worse. i will try though, but i cant promise anything. i might just upload it tomorrow. or not at all, if it turns out terrible ^^’ i hope it doesnt happen though : D lulu cant look baaad. : D (i dont like his teaser photo though, his face is too far.. T__T i cant see any details on it)

XOXO Sehun fanart - Detail

•  T o o l s  •

• pencils (5H, 2H, B, 2B, 4B), pen, and a lot of watercolours

• A3

• 2 hours

•  W I P  •



XOXO Sehun fanart - WIP


3 thoughts on “XOXO Sehun fanart

  1. nOoR

    I like ur draws sooo much the way u put the watercolors its just Amazing ♥
    I rly love it♥ ur draws is the best ♥♥


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