a self-portrait. and a work in progess for today.

im so tired and sleepy. but today the teaser came out and i just have to draw it. though im sure i wont finish today. my brother bought me pringles, snickers, and chupa chups, because i told him im planning to stay up late to finish the drawing. so he said he bought me some fuel for the night. so lovely ^ ^  … i plan it to draw in alexis marcou’s style. he is just such a cool illustrator, with a great style. i have tried to decode his style before, kind of failed : D now i hope i could get from it at least something. i dont want to entirely copy him, but this scattered-explosion feeling would look just so cool. .. if i manage to make through with it. again, learning on the way..

Wolf - Luhan fanart WIP

what else about today? i have ordered my new dress for the next week’s event, almost finished the catalogue ( 56 pages x__x ), and our new assistant resigned. i think me and my brother are some kind of assistant-cemetery. she was like the.. 6th? she managed to make it to one month though, with this she made to the top 3 : D how, why? what do they expect, sitting whole day digging their nose? they are just so annoying. whatever, she wasnt quite capable either, and her attitude was quite bad for our image anyway. (i miss the one before her, she was just so good, and well behaved)


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