so today we had the opening party at the company. .. it was nice. i dont know what to say, im just so tired. like usually, last minute running, and huge problems happening at the last possible moment. e.g. the company that were supposed to bring the wines and champagnes 2 hours before the event called and cancelled (at least tried to -.- ) … during the event the airconditioner was gone, then the internet, after it the elevators shut down. .. okay, now it sounds like some unlucky event : D but its the fault of the amazing managing office, lack of the sense of responsibility, and overall chinese mentality towards their (24h) work, not our fault. the building. … im trying to get over it and not hanging on the problem, when the whole country is like this.. im trying! .. we had actually less problems than what im used to during such events, i think we were still quite okay with it, not that much stress. but we are over it, officially opened .. and i have a lot of photos im going to share later (i always say this, and then never really get to it). i liked this photo though.


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