Wolf – Kris fanart

Wolf - Kris fanart (sketch)

•  D e s c r i p t i o n  •

basically a sketch ^ ^’ i just really wanted to draw this (.. cliché, but since its actually in the mv i dont worry about this )

i really wanted to draw kyungsoo and yeollie from the mv too, same style.

but now i started on the peter pan fanart (on the album there is actually a peter pan song! neverland – peter pan – neverland – exo – peter pan – neverland YES!! i wont stop mentioning this, really, im just so happy : DD … today i listened to the whole peter pan song (and now im so dead because of the fandom), and i just cant get over it, and they actually say “neverland” in english, and my little heart stops there. *—* ) … so im going to put it into the neverland series, of course, like how not. i have decided what i want to draw, went to buy A0 paper, couldnt find just A1, so now its going to be A1. and i have already sketched it up. … almost. rough sketched faces and upper bodies and really really rough sketched legs and arms. and nothing else yet. and only this took me 3-4 hours! woah. i try to finish it till tuesday (not on monday, because on monday none of the fans will be on this earth : D ), but im really not sure. its .. really big. and i just really hope my skills are good enough to present it in the way i imagined.  …. enough about peter pan.

so when i went to buy the A0 (A1) paper, i bought silver paint too, because when i saw it this picture in my head just popped up, so i bought it, and i drew this fanart (sketch) with it. … between 3-5am ^ ^’ i really like the silver paint. its just pretty difficult to take a photo of it. cause it looks silver because of the light angle, and the light angle doesnt want to be correct in the same angle the portrait is supposed to be. had to wait to get dark again, and take a photo of it at lamplight. i cant stop listening to the song btw. and i love the choreo.

•  T o o l s  •

• pencils (5H, 2H, B, 2B, 4B), silver paint.

• A3

• 1-1.5 hour


•  O t h e r  •

looooook what i got today!! i asked everyone i know to look for this ceci everywhere, always, and grab it when its somewhere. it took several days for us, i looked everywhere too. wasnt it supposed to be released couple of days ago?

today my brother found it, and bought it for me. i was screaming for like 3 minutes : DD this is a big reason, why i like to be here. he was like “if you are this happy from a magazine.. i think im going to buy a magazine to you for christmas.”


+ Neverland – The Story is updated with Chapter One . It did take a long time for Kii : D but the chapter one alone is like a full fanfic itself. so its understandable, others write fanfics for this long. its not in neverland yet, she is still laying down the bases (she is so good at this*—*). i cant wait when it actually gets to neverland. woah. 


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