Neverland: Peter Pan – WIP

Peter Pan WIP

the next piece for the Neverland Series is in progress.

you cant imagine how long does it take to draw this. im drawing it for several days, overall for about 15-20 hours already. i knew its gonna take long, but this was unexpected. -.- i have so many works i have to do, and it was okay to put them aside before i finish this, but its taking too long already, im not even half-way, and everyone is scratching my door to do my work. : /

also was planning to share a wip on tumblr. but now i dont have to mood to do so : D .. so those who followed my blog are the only ones who know it ahead. : P i hope it will be nice though, spent already so much time on it. .. … i think it will be nice : D

im drawing this fanart for the Peter Pan song on the album. Everyone from my Neverland together. .. which, yes, does mean im going to spoil the concept of the last two members : / but im trying to take it back, trying to make it not that obvious, so it still wont be sure. but i wanted to draw this before them, now.

i cant get over the album really. i cant stop listening to it. … im not going to tell you, so you dont know that i was crying whole day when it was released and i listened to it, even on the subway i just started to cry out of the blue ( … about 8 times .. at about every song: DD ) , i just couldnt stop myself ^ ^’ its beautiful. amazing. unbelievably great.

…. so if i have to guess about the drawing .. i think it takes me two more days to finish. but tomorrow i cant draw, because one part of reality especially hitting my door already, cant wait -.-‘ .. so.. maybe saturday? im at about .. 25-30% now. yeap.

oh, gosh, i really hope it will turn out nice. im really scared of it. i didnt start it for like 2 days, because i was scared of it. ^ ^’


3 thoughts on “Neverland: Peter Pan – WIP

  1. Rue

    I have been following your posts about exo and fanarts –especially the videos. I came by to say that they’re really awesome! I’m glad I found your blog. It’s a shame that I don’t have your talent, I would have loved to draw those boys too =)


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