wip + 06.08

Peter Pan WIP 2

i didnt upload the pic on saturday. yes. i didnt finish it. its not even that i didnt finish it, i didnt progress anything with it since i took the last photo. until today. today i had some time in the morning, i woke up earlier to have it. ME! I woke up earlier! i dont think that anyone here can imagine what does that mean : D

i hope tomorrow i can stay at home and draw this. im still really far from being done with it. but its progressing well, i have more confidence in it already : )

and today before i posted this wip onto tumblr .. i checked its actual size. and i just realized its not an a1. its a0. woah. since when did they become so small? its not enough for anything. what comes after 0? i need that.


this week got really busy. nah, okay, last week was busy too, so it continued. among others, as the photos show, i overpainted our furnitures in the office. … … 30 chairs. .. this is not something i would like to repeat.

they were like “are you sure you know how to paint them?” – “hey, i have been learning how to paint in the last 3 years. i think i can deal with it.” – my father: “im glad to see now why did i pay for your university studies..”


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