make me smile


yesterday’s drawing didnt really give me the feeling it was supposed to. or i was expecting kind of to. … today i didnt have a good mood either.

but then out of some sudden thought i drew these two drawings. each took me like 20 mins. and now i feel relieved and nice and happy. yes.

today i woke up with a headache… then it went away, but at the evening it got really severe, i even went to lay down to the bed after i took painkillers. they started to work, and it slowly disappeared, i got up from the bed, and out of the blue wanted to draw the tea drawing. right in this sketchy style, not caring if the line is correct, or is the flower exist at all : D …. not a fanart, not a so many hours drawing. .. a light drawing made because i was longing to make it. and it feels so nice. like a heavy stone was lifted up or something. (which is probably just for tonight, but still.. now i can go to sleep)

make me smile tea

it has been about 6 months since the last time i drew something thats not fanart and not work. it was at the airport, when i was waiting for my departure, i was sketching. before this … i cant even recall when was the last time i drew something not fanart and not “have to” thing. .. but i really want to draw more like this. even if its boring, not costs anything and probably im the only one who likes them.

who is surprised that after these months the first drawing i drew which is not fanart .. is actually tea..? who, who? .. this could be called a fanart too.



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