Luhan – Wolf storyboard

Luhan - Wolf Storyboard

“How could you have lost your mind to a human?”

a (not that -) quick storyboard i made yesterday night. i have shared it on tumblr and da after that, but i had no strength to write a blog post about it, i just went to sleep. lately i managed to move my bedtime to a healthy time, last time i had it was over a year ago! so now i felt quite nice about it, i also felt better during the days even though i had to wake up too early to like it too much. so i feel quite dizzy now because i suddenly went back to my original sleeping time yesterday (3am) and it doesnt feel correct : D

the storyboard is highly based on the wolf drama mv, which got released yesterday completely unexpectedly. it was weird though : D i think because i wasnt ready, i didnt really … feel it through, i couldnt get myself into it, even now it feels like as if it didnt happen at all. the whole mv. or the whole day yesterday actually. it was a weird day.

the text is from the english translation of the wolf song.

and i have actually been drawing an another storyboard yesterday (a bit more detailed though ^ ^* ), so after the mv (which got again released while i was drawing) i was still in that storyboard world : D thats how it happened.

i really like lulu’s shoes on my drawing : D

Luhan - Wolf Storyboard - Details

•  T o o l s •

• pencils (5h, 2h, b), watercolours (black, blue, magenta)

• a3

• 2.5 hours -.- (whyy? how?)

Luhan - Wolf Storyboard - Details

Luhan - Wolf Storyboard - Details

Luhan - Wolf Storyboard - Details

ps1: from my photodiary i kind of neglected the “photo” and the “diary” part lately. i will catch up on that the next time i feel strength to that~~ ^ ^’

ps2: see that drink? i like it so much. okay, not too much, its way too sweet, but i bought quite some now before i leave. if i leave. “do i leave?” “will i stay?” “will i come back?” “should i stay?”.. sigh~~ i just want to sleep, can i?


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