Shadow – Hyunseung

Shadow - Hyunseung fanart

“Rainy, cloudy, no light, darkness, day and night.

Falling down, Faded.

I’m not a vampire, not a night ghost.

I cry in the darkness. I am a shadow.”

•  D e s c r i p t i o n  •

an illustration of seungie in the shadow mv. lines are from the lyrics.

i have drawn his face sooo many times, and it challenges me every single time  > < i expected its going to be different now. well, it wasnt.

i have a hyunseung fanart from every period of my drawing history : D if i put together all of my seungie fanarts in a timeline it would be just such a great “process of improvement” : D i have been thinking about drawing him sometimes soon, because i feel that i have reached some kind of level again. … “level unlocked” – kind of feeling : D but it was just a faded thought, didnt actually push myself to realise it. especially not before the end of my NL series. but the mv made me to draw this .. quick drawing. and i do think that it came just so right in time. the “level unlocked – drawing” i mean. … he even marked the beginning of my “something different fanart” history too! the midnight whisper. it was such a 180 degree turn compared to everything i did before.. before i was also just drawing the portraits without anything plus. he made me draw something different for the first time. and i do that ever since. its interesting to think this through : D i will make a timeline of his portraits for sure : D

back to seungie.

… he changed. he changed really so much during the last year or a bit more. sometimes he has something from his old self, but he is really so different now. he was always quiet, emotionless (okay, most of the time, i can recall some funny moments : D ). but in this last one or two year i feel like he completely closed down. completely. it actually makes me sad.

and this new mv and my drawing concept just so fits this. .. like a shadow.

Shadow - Hyunseung fanart - Details

•  T o o l s  •

• pencils ( 5H, 2H, B, 2B, 4B), pens

• a3

• 2-3 hours (?)

Shadow - Hyunseung fanart - Details

Shadow - Hyunseung fanart - Details

btw. did you see hyun joong’s mv? i cant get over it for days already. o_o the mv. gosh, the mv.

i have been thinking about him last week actually, that he hasnt released anything lately, was just wondering in a bored moment about what he might be doing. and then i saw that he released an mv just now, and its woah.


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