i am at home!

yay : D arrived back to europe on monday. family, my own room, garden, nature, relax. so nice. really, so nice.

i spent two days to clean my room. threw out 10 years of clothes from my wardrobe (gave them away, okay, im just so nice).

the weather is like universes better. even though its hot (at least they say so, i was wearing sweater for days), but the air is chill and refreshing, not that exhausted and hell-humid as in china.


i still didnt adjust myself to my regular sleeping time here, so i usually go to sleep with the sun, and wake up with the sun, when everyone is still sleeping. and have my breakfast in the garden, so beautiful, so many birds and freshness, i have missed it sososo much. one car per hour passing by. dogs barking, sheep bee-ee-ee-ing, our little spring gurgling under the trees, my little dog sitting next to me. suddenly i dont feel like going back at all.


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