Black Pearl (Luhan)

Black Pearl (Luhan fanart)

“Flower that bloomed in the dark,
The moon above the sea,
A place like a secret.

I face the sea that stole you away,

My beautiful black pearl.”

one of my most favourite songs : ) i love its lyrics too.

the overall picture is kind of cold. i wanted to express how sad and dark one can feel in the deep sea, and thats where you can find your black pearl. hard to notice and when you look at a black pearl you kind of see the deep ocean inside, its cold and black. its a “flower that bloomed in the dark”. it can also shine, because of your love, like “the moon above the sea”. they are mystical and unique, and so beautiful.

Black Pearl (Luhan fanart) - Details

a painting. with normal paints, not watercolours. do you know when was the last time i did something like this? .. about 2 years ago : D for a school assignment. from the time when i thought paint is my biggest enemy. i actually expected it to be better now, i kind of expected that i “grew up” to the work. i was wrong. so i ended up adding more and more other media to it, and used paint as a base. while praising everyone who made digital painting and photoshop available to the modern world.

it was also my first time in a while where i used dark background. it was weird, and i dont think i dealt with it well. also, because of the dark background it seems a bit off from my style. but im not going to give up. im sure there is a way to mix the “airy” style i like on a dark background.

it ended up a bit more fantasy-like than i wanted it to. ^ ^* because of the curly lines. i have wanted to draw this water-material-someone combo for a while now, and ukiss’ “shared dream” was just so inspiring in this way (plus mblaq’s water ballet in “cry” even before “shared dream”, but in shared dream it was much more calm and silky and sad), i wanted to draw it ever since. and when i read the black pearl’s lyrics this was immediately what i thought about. though i wish it was a bit more realistic. i blame the paints. yes, i do.

Black Pearl (Luhan fanart) - Details

i love black pearls by the way. after this song i couldnt wait to get back home, here, because i left my black pearl earrings in my room, and didnt take it with myself. the last time i wore them was in the end of high school, and a year or two after that. so now when i came back i changed my earrings back to my black pearls. now i feel satisfied : D

i do have drawings in my head for some of the other songs too. i hope when i draw them they are going to end up closer to the image i see. i want to push the paints and dark background thing. i dont like to have limits.

Black Pearl (Luhan fanart) - Details

the song i used under the video is made by me. for surprise. my first time ever.

Read about the song: here.

Black Pearl (Luhan fanart) - Details

•  T o o l s  •

• paints (acrylic, gouache), pastels, watercolour pencils, pencil, mechanical pencil, pen

• b2

• .. .. i dont know how long did it take. .. 6-7 hours? … 8-10? i have no idea.


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