Black Pearl – A Lost Tale (exo instrumental cover)

i have made it for the Black Pearl drawing. and now uploading it and its description separately here : )

* Download *

” i was looking for covers for the song, but none of them were calm, and kind of sad in the same time. all of them were too aggressive for this drawing. just like the original, which i love sososo much, but have to admit, too aggressive for a background song. so i had no choice: spent a half day with writing a cover. a really free cover. as a base i used the sheet of the well-known (and the best) piano cover. but in a really free way. i wanted it to “barely resemble” but “still there”. had a glorious fight with the programs, our house ghost also joined me and helped a bit in the night (and im not even joking : D  .. though she had her own idea about it, and i couldnt use it after all).

in the end the cover ended up a bit too melancholic compared to the drawing. and now that i watch it, and listen to it.. i wish it had a bit more of “silent magic” in it, but i have no idea how to do it (any idea is warmly welcomed… i want to have something similar to kevin macleod’s frost waltz, or something like that.. you know, that “quiet sparkling”. help me..). going to practice. named it ” A Lost Tale ” cover, and since im planning to have more of these kind of drawings and lacking suitable covers .. i might as well practice song writing, why not : D so they are going to be under the name A Lost Tale (which is actually the title of a luhan fanart i half-finished about 4 months ago, even mentioned it around that time. i left it like that, i dont like it any longer, and i think im going to redo it.. in a bit different way, but under the same title). …. … im actually proud of the song, i think its great for the first time : D

especially counting in that the last time i touched my piano was about 5 years ago, and the last time i wrote some cover music by listening to it was about 8 years ago. but i have been playing piano for 10 years, so its okay, i guess it cant be buried for good. took some time to introduce each other, and im really far from my old skills, its heartbreaking and im really disappointing myself. but not bad. i expected it would be worse. ”

– i have no intention to get into composing btw : D i dont have much skills on that field anyway, i know talented composers, and im just really far from that, not among my dreams either : ) since i couldnt find a suitable song i had to make it myself. and its probably going to happen again. i hope my skills are going to get a bit better though.

… now which category am i uploading this to here on my blog..?


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