Lover (Baekhyun)

Lover (Baekhyun)

” You’re an accident that’s waiting to happen “

Lover (Baekhyun) – Speed Process [Gaborovna] from Erika H. Gaborovna on Vimeo.

On Youtube – with changed song

Baekhyun and his hands… ^ ^*

originally i wanted to draw his neck, even sketched it up. but then among the photos i found was this well known picture, and then i just started to draw this. and not his neck. not that far from it.

exo in suits is something i absolutely love btw. ah, anyone in suits is something i absolutely love.

Lover (Baekhyun)

what else you noticed on the video? during the end? right at the end? …. @elie0202, woaaaah. : D

yeap, i made a twitter yesterday out of sudden thought. i have been asked about my twitter (which didnt exist until yesterday) sooooo many times, and yesterday at one point i was like, gosh, okay, let it be. … and now whenever i ask someone they are all like “i dont really use it”. where did everyone go who were asking me about it, im going to cry. .. so, add me if you have  ^ ^ 140 is a challenge for me. and putting my personal thoughts to public is also something not that easy (unless i can write a whole chapter like here).
Lover (Baekhyun)

•  T o o l s  •

• pencils (5H, 2H, B, 2B, 4B), watercolour

• a3

• 2 hours
Lover (Baekhyun)

youtube has muted the song down, so i have to change it for youtube. thats a story of another day. ^ ^*


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