Near Light (D.O)

Near Light (D.O)

•  P r o c e s s   F i l m  •

•  D e s c r i p t i o n •

Print available (plus other little stuff): here

this is the weird thing that i mentioned yesterday. so far .. compared to everything i have been doing.

but i enjoyed it really much. drew it entirely by free hand, very much to my own liking. i loved doing it so much, completely lost my sense of time too, the four hours i spent with it was really unnoticeable and really surprising for me.

his hand gesture that he did once before, i really liked it.. and lately he started to do it again, i cant be more happy : D i like that he likes the hand gestures i liked him doing. now please wear black more often ^ ^*  it fits so much to his red hair.

Near Light (D.O) - Details

just why, someone please explain me, just why does kyungsoo always look different from everything else im doing. okay, now he is my bias, but it started way before it happened. whenever i draw him it looks just completely different from my other drawings, i didnt even notice this until you pointed it out to me several times. and they are also my favourites. and i have finished all of them with a certain “light” feeling, either i started with a light feeling, either it eased me up on the way (like now), but its always like that.

Near Light (D.O) - Details

•  T o o l s  •

• watercolours, pastels, watercolour pencils

• b2

• about 4 hours

Near Light (D.O) - Details

Near Light (D.O) - Detailsedit:

so i have received this comment on dA:

“This is so beautiful. ;A; in a way, it kinda makes me wanna cry, especially after listening to Near the Light. Where do you get your inspiration from? Do ideas suddenly strike when you listen to certain songs…? (I know that doesn’t happen to me XD)”
to which my answer was this, in case someone is interested in it as well:
“usually inspiration strikes with a reason of anything, not only music. (regarding music.. music titles i find the most inspirational usually : D )

here exactly… i just suddenly had the image in my head of a portrait thats colourful. a kind of oil portrait, but i never use oil, so i was planning to make it with acrylics. it was really light, mostly from the side, looking a bit up, white+blue+yellow+orange colours. i had this in my head for not that long, 2-3 days maybe. .. when i decided to sit down to make it i was looking for reference photos, i wanted to draw kyungsoo. so i was going through the fantaken photos, and was looking for “the right” one. 
… it was the day after kyungsoo made this on inkigayo. i already really liked this when he did it on that chinese tv show, i cant recall its title. i wanted to draw this pose that time already, but i didnt have time, and it just went away. until these days he started to do it again, i was really happy to see : D … so even though i was looking for the right reference photo to fit my imagined picture.. still this pose was the one that “made me feel”.. that brought out the most intense emotions out of me. so i was like “nah, okay, lets draw this pose for now, and do that other later”. 
so i started to catch up. and was looking for some music to match up my mood. … my mood isnt quite shiny lately ^ ^* i feel like a huge mess with a lot of emotions i dont want to have, so i just put them away, and sometimes get them out little by little, but mostly i just hope they disappear themselves. so none of the “lovely calm” music was feeling right. so then i searched something (i think it was the word “sad”) on 8tracks, and played the playlist which cover i liked the most (judge the book by the cover, hehe > < ). it was mostly okay, a pretty melancholic.. bitter melancholic playlist. thats where the Near Light was too, i didnt know this song before. 
since i was listening to this music + my emotions are kind of like that lately as well ….. the entire “light-blue-colourful” picture turned out like this. 
you know, when i draw.. even though i have the picture imagined already.. if i go for something that has more colours… i choose the colours by feeling them. at every moment of my life (not just my life, i believe everyone is like this > < ), if i look at colours there will be always some that feels “comforting”, because they mirror your current mood back. …. so when im drawing i always use the colours that make me feel good. ….. now it was the greyish-blue (which i find most of the time really comforting ^ ^* ), black, cold magenta, and a bit of light-dirty-brown. 
so this is what happened to this picture. : D … even though my inspiration was something completely different, it just changed to fit me in that current moment. and after i used those dark colours, made a whole mess out of it… i felt better.. comforted. 
when i started the picture i wanted his lips to smile a bit to one side. .. then on the way it got lost, his lips really were not curving for any smile. though there was one point or two when i tried to take it back. but it really was not going that way.
today i was looking at the picture, and i actually can see a little smile there. ^ ^* i feel happy because of that.
sorry to write this much.”



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