yesterday i should have worked, but i was trying to avoid at any price.. ^ ^* so i went out to the garden, gathered some blackberries, made muffins out of them. had a lot of tea. watched tv shows that i was late with, had a bbq in the eve. .. .. overall i didnt do any work, but im glad i didnt because today i have received additional information and if i worked yesterday it would have gone waste. lets say “i knew that” : D .. ah, and two days ago i have finished the I Hear Your Voice, drama. was lovely. + two days ago i have received that cup up there : D i love it.

sketchbook study wip


yesterday out of sudden thought i wanted to do some study drawing. exo study. eyes. so i started with xiumin, and then left it like that, going to add one by one whenever i feel like to :  ) i just wanted to draw it in study drawing style, but i think it will turn out more useful than just a style.


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