a mushroom, a tea, and before yesterday



im not going to try to make sense here now. too rarely updating, so kind of mixing things now.  ^ ^*

lets say the mushroom is for autumn, which is just uncomfortably close. i like autumn, but it usually means starting a lot of things that stresses me out, doesnt let me sleep and let time to do things i want. i usually expect school, i like my school, and i like to study, and i have missed out a year again, i kind of would expect to want to go back even more than usually. … nah, its the other way around, i cant even recall when was the last time i felt like drowning because of the start of the new semester.

colors & promises II. (preview)

a digital art attempt. what did i say at the last digital one? 4th time? .. well, then this is the 5th time to draw digitally. ah, nah, okay, im lying, 6th. and the 5th im going to burn and bury deep. never, never admit it ever existed. yeap.


Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 1.03.27 PM


im going to boast about this a little bit here too : D in case someone missed… you know. haha. the official dA followed me on tumblr. yay. … … yay. ` ^ ^


2 thoughts on “a mushroom, a tea, and before yesterday

  1. Talita

    Hello, my name is Talita and I’m from indonesia. (I’m really sorry for my terrible english..) -_-. Omg, I love your paintings so muchh!

    May I ask you a question? I’m really curious about the technique you use with the watercolour. It’s so beautiful.

    I’ve been tried to do the same thing with my drawing but it was failed -_-. Can you teach me or do something(?) Maybe you can share how to colouring with the technique you use? Hehe.

    Thank you very muchhh!!! ^^


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