Luhan fanart

the original direction of this portrait was not this .. : D who follows me on twitter knows that. i also had a process vid.. kind of .. for this. but failed miserably. also, my twitter followers know : D i have uploaded that vid secretly to youtube, and only shared the link on twitter, so they (you) were the only ones to see. i just wanted to share to show that sometimes they do turn out .. … embarrassing : DD (i could literally see my image falling downhill, because now others could see it too .. haha, but its okay, i wanted to show it. i wont make a habit out of this though)

Luhan fanart

the main point of this drawing was supposed to be in the video. which failed .. so the pictures became meaningless and boring by themselves. i let them lay for two days (three?), when i just suddenly had this idea (which idea is originally for sth else > < ) .. so i connected this idea to here, cause why not. added colours to the eyes. edited the pictures together, put some i dont even know what onto it, cause i felt like that~~ and thats its’ story. pretty mixed media.

Luhan fanart

•  T o o l s  •

• pencils, pastels, photoshop

• 2 x a3

• didnt take long… together maybe .. 3-4 hours.

Luhan fanart

Luhan fanart

•  O t h e r  •

school starts in two day, yay : D .. nah, i dont know. its more like “yea, okay, whatever”. managed to find a room to live in for a while today. yesterday. doesnt matter, 2 days before school > < sigh~ new class again. .. im going to miss out the first two days though. not an elegant start. but i have to work whole day, promised im going to help them out, and i want to as well, interesting people will be there. .. hopefully.


2 thoughts on “luhan.

  1. Charlotte

    Oh I really like this fanart ! But when I saw the portrait at first I didn’t recognize lulu ! I though it was another person ! Did you use a reference pic for his face ? The one with the pink/puple pastel. Or did you just create it ?
    Anyway it’s good as usual. i really like the way of your drawings.

    I want to buy one your drawing (Near the light with D.O). I ‘m completely in love with it ! But I can’t for the moment. But I will !

    Oh and i want to ask, it’s not about this drawing but the one name “Beast” with lulu. I really love the song you put on the video but when I’m searshing on the net for the song I can’t find it. The name of the song is “Infected Mushrooms – Project 100”, do you have a link for the song ? I realy like this song ! 😀

    Oh and do you know the song Sail by Awolnation ? Recently I’m listening it everyday ! I don’t know if you will like this kind of song but I just want to share, since because of you I discovered a lot of new song that I really really like. ( Obedear and Near Light for exemple !) here’s the link if you want : ^^

    I’m always here when you have a new article but I don’t leave a comment for each post even if I really like all of your post. I think it’s because I’m not english and I don’t want to make any mistakes in my comment, but I think I made a few on this comment. lol
    Oh and you say that you studied in France, so do you know to speak french ?

    Well, i’m not going to continue writing, i think i said too much things in one comment, and the most part is not about the drawing … i’m so sorry ~

    Bye ! Have a nice day 🙂

  2. bubblydiaries Post author

    ehm, i know its not quite lulu ^ ^* its closer to him though than it was in the process : D .. before i added the colours to it, i managed to correct it a bit to look like lulu, but it was standing on the edge, and the colours got it away again. its okay though~~ : )
    i used reference. ah.. you dont know that one? it got pretty famous couple of days ago. a selca he posted of himself. nah, okay, he didnt post, as much i heard it got stolen from his phone. but its his selca. really sexy *—* and really difficult to draw.

    haha, im glad you like near light ^ ^*

    yes, its that song, the project 100, i just used the second half of the song. it starts in an other way, i thought the second part is more suitable. .. i like the whole song though ^ ^*

    i know the song you suggested : D i like that too, its a great one. ^ ^ i dont really like to use this popular songs in my vids though. only if i dont have any other chance, or i want to use the image the song created itself already, or that song exactly is the inspiration for the drawing (a thousand years). i dont really like to use them because of the second reason i said just now + these have higher chances for copyright problems : /

    thats okay, im not english either >  <
    so hopefully soon you can write in french and i will be able to understand : P

    thank you for your comment ^ ^* i hope you write again : ))
    have a nice day you too : D ~~ ^ ^


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