Don’t Cry

Don't Cry

“After the darkness passes,

It’ll become as if it never happened.

The waves crash my heart and crumble down,

The moonbeam that brims up in your eyes,

This night that silently overflows with pain.


You’re not the one to disappear into foam, 

something you never should’ve known.


My eyes lost their way.

After the darkness passes,

It’ll become as if it never happened.


( . . . ) Cry. ” 

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•  D e s c r i p t i o n  •

my next one in exo lyrics. i cut the “baby” part from the title, cause that makes me nauseous. i hate.. hate that word, and im just going to execute in public anyone who dares to call me like that. so i censured that : P

and from the lyrics i left out the “don’t” (cry) part, because .. .. well .. there has been a lot of things said about how they say “dont cry” when even them saying this makes you cry. and not just in this fangirl way, i admit manly, when i cried i did listen to this song, and listening them saying “don’t cry” is really one of the best thing that could have happen while im crying, and if you listen enough to it, after a while it starts to work : D

and this is the perfect picture to how this song makes me feel. how he is actually the rose, how its falling into pieces in its calm way, and not falling down, but rather disappearing up to the sky. or you could say that he is being born from the rose, cause that also could be an explanation to it (the rose falling off him, and revealing him), but my original thought was that he falls into pieces. as a rose.

gave it to chen, because .. this song still goes for chen for me : ) .. i have mentioned it at his Neverland drawing, and explained there. seems like i couldnt get away from the rain either. it just makes me melancholic. both the rain and the song too.

i wont say i didnt have complications with the song.. .. i wanted to keep this “im writing the cover”. so i did again. i actually did this like about two weeks ago already (writing this cover), but it started to go to an awful direction. so i left it, then deleted it, then started to write again today. i didnt really like it when i finished. but now that im listening to it, i actually like it already. its highly based on a favourite piano song of mine. but im going to talk about this later, when i share the full song itself later in a couple of days. im saying “full song”, because this is not the full. the video ended up to be shorter than the song i wrote to it so i had to cut it. (nah, im writing them separately, in such an amateur way : D )

Don't Cry - Details

it took me pretty long to finish. i went to the details at several parts. and i love the rose, finally my rose starts to look like some “paper” instead of a realistic rose, and i can say, im happy for this. i always liked it better this way, i just couldnt really draw it like this.

i drew the picture entirely with pencil, without adding any other media. i wanted to have a background, a greyish-purple pastel+soft brush background, but i left it out in the end, i think it looks better like this, without the background. its much cleaner and crystal, and …. empty. this way. and the entire concept is kind of sad and empty.

Don't Cry - Details

•  T o o l s  •

• pencils (5h, 2h, b, 2b, 4b, 6b, 8b)

• a2

• about .. 30 hours. .. i think, i actually didnt measure, but it took really long.

Don't Cry - Details

Don't Cry - Details


5 thoughts on “Don’t Cry

  1. Charlotte

    Another fanart ~
    I love it ! It’s just perfect. Really !
    I love flowers so when i see that you made it like that with the flower, i was really surprised. I’m so in love with your drawings ~ Would you marry me ? (ha ha just kidding 😉 )

    But the thing is that I was listening to this very special song when i saw your new article. And in the music video there is a girl with almost the same hair cut of you and at a certain moment there are this same ‘image’ where the petals fall from the person. But if we compare it’s not the same felling … Yours is more calming ^^
    (i hope you will understand with my fail english. )
    And well it’s just that i think it’s a pretty coincidence that i was listening to this song at the same moment when i saw chen chen and the beautiful rose 😀
    But it was a rock and japanese song x) I don’t know if you like this kind of song but here if you’re curious : ^^

    And it’s been a few months since i asked you about your little tutorial. I think it help me a lot. The littles tips are really good actually. I’m going to make a fanart of lulu for my friends who’s in love with him x) I will show it to you when i’m done (since you mention at the end of the tutorial that you want to see our drawings ^^)

    Encore une fois, très jolie dessins ! 😀
    Bye bye ~

    (i wrote too much ._.)

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      thank you ^ ^* thats okay, i like to read long comments and messages : D
      i have checked the song. its really not my style ^ ^* its interesting though : ) and strange, how you had this two in the same time, such a coincidence~~
      i do want to see your drawing!! im really happy that you are saying the tutorial kind of helped. i tried.. ^ ^* i just hope it really can helps. so im happy it did. looking forward to your drawing : D
      i hope you write this much next time too~ ^ ^

      1. Charlotte

        Ok then ^^ But for the moment i didn’t start it ( the lulu’s fanart). I’m drawing Kyungsoo for the moment but it’s just a little sketch. All of my drawings are only in my sketchbook. I don’t have anything that are ‘official’ for the moment. I’m a bit afraid to start an official drawing. I prefer to train with some scketch ^^’ That’s why i ask my friends if they want a portrait. It help me to more focus on finally doing an ‘official’ drawing.

        So is that ok if i post it on twitter when i finish it ? Or maybe do you have Facebook ? I’m more on Facebook ^^’

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