i realised i havent even updated my blog about stuff like.. i have moved to budapest when the school started 3 (?) weeks ago. found an apartment (room) to rent in the last minute, and im just going to bomb out of here the first possible moment when i find another apartment to rent. alone. cause im just so incapable of living together with a human being.

the first two photo is a place i pass through every day, and its just as empty every single day as it is on the photo. today was the second time i met a person there, and its only because it was raining. the first time it was a really windy day, and homeless people went in there to find shelter.


so uni started, classes started again. i came back to uni after a year of break. .. and before that i had a year of break too, which sums up .. im still in my third year ^ ^* though 5th year in the uni overall. i feel like an old guest there : D

it was a harsh start too, mostly because i have been doing work beside school, so i barely had time to breath. today was the time i finally managed to catch up with my school assignments. that photo is from a class, i could translate its name to “modern design studies” (like a continue to art history i guess), and we went to visit an exhibition of packaging and wrapping paper, it was nice.

sketchbook doodle

plust i have managed to catch a cold, and have been sick in the last couple of days. i dont feel like im getting better yet, which is kind of understandable, cause im not resting. .. im planning to do that on the weekend, i go home tomorrow and i refuse to touch any assignment during the weekend (since i just know how much i should be doing, i guess it wont really work out). i dont really have any voice coming out of my throat, but tomorrow im going to hold a presentation. a presentation i skipped two weeks ago, and i thought im over it, even if its 0 marks. … well, the teacher is really nice and she just doesnt want to let me be like that T___T

thats a doodle i made in a few mins into my small pocket sketchbook, representing my own misery : D i think its the first personal thing in my new sketchbook.

+ there is free worldwide shipping on society6.com/gaborovna until sunday again!


One thought on “09.26

  1. Charlotte

    It’s hard to find a good and not expensive apartment. But actually i’m looking for a roomate. I don’t have enough money to pay my apartment these days (and i’m planing to go in Korea next year so i have to save money). But i think i found a good person. We have almost the same taste so it will be fun ^^ I hope you will find another apartment just for you soon 😉

    The place in the first pictures remind me of the headquarters of Batman lol
    It will be good to have an exposition in here 🙂


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