was a lovely sunny day on saturday. i went back home for the weekend, as i usually do. i hate to stay in the city, in this black hole called “temporary room”, where i need two lamps turned on even in daytime to see at least sth; with this stranger living with me (okay, me with him, im the one renting ^ ^*), makes me want to drown him whenever i hear him whistling. i hate whistling, makes me furiously annoyed and angry everytime i hear. .. one of those few things i cant explain why but im getting irrationally angry about.  .. but at least he is not talking to himself when he is whistling. which is, let me tell you, just as much annoying to listen to. okay, shh, shh~ i know, i should be living alone. i will, the moment i can afford without heartache.


so i rush back home whenever i can. to the garden, to the nature, in the valley, surrounded by the forest. to my family, to take a nap with my dog napping next to me, cuddle up in front of the fire in the living room, having a wine with my grandma and dad, and laugh on stuff.

the guys were cutting the trees to use for the fire during the cold days (already using > < ). had to leave early sunday though. i also met with a dog, who looks like going to join our family soon. im already afraid how my other dog will react (i exactly know how he will react, thats why im afraid : D )


my dad on saturday morning came back from the market with an own bouquet wildflower for every girl in the family. my grandma was “how come?o__o”, he said “because its saturday”. i like the flowers (the photo is of mine : ) ), they look so unperfect and .. just normal, nothing fancy, no lies, kind of stubborn too since its already quite cold outside, but they managed to live through the first freezing mornings. i like them so much : D

_DSC4232 b

a snapshot about 09.30, last monday morning i shared on twitter that day. its a kind of popular breakfast place in budapest. who dont really know the meaning of “hot”. if you go there just point it out once again that you want it hot, like hot-hot, not barely warm.



5 thoughts on “10.05

  1. Charlotte

    Oh it makes me want to go back home too ~ i miss my mom, my bro, my sisters, my cat, my dog, my bedroom and all 😦
    But I’m stuck here for my studies. It’s a good city but i prefer home. I can’t even go to my family the weekend since i have to take a 12 hours fly to get there -_-

    It sounds so relaxing the way you said it here ^^

      1. Charlotte

        Haha actually I’m in France. But i was born in an island called ‘Réunion Island’. It’s in the Indian ocean. It’s a French department ^^ did you already heard about this island ?

      2. bubblydiaries Post author

        never. sorry ^ ^* but french islands said to be nice and good for holiday : P then it really takes a lot of time for you to get back home : O

      3. Charlotte

        Yes I can say that they are really good for holidays 🙂

        Yes unfortunately. But i think i will be able to go back for Christmas. ^^ Last year I didn’t.

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