Neverland: Portrait of the Birds – VIMEO

Portrait of the Birds – Process Film [ Gaborovna ] from Erika H. Gaborovna on Vimeo.

*yea, sure, now vimeo doesnt want to create embed video.. great. thanks.

I have received unusually lot of messages of not being able to watch the vid. It started early, so I begun to upload to vimeo before I went to sleep, so who remembered me uploading my vids there sometimes and checked it could watch it already : D there were like 25 of them, good, good, great memory, im surprised : D

I’m sorry though that it cause such troubles. And as much angry too at youtube. Nah, not at youtube, at the countries and their politicians. As if they wouldnt have bigger problems to deal with.. nah, the youtube copyrights seem to be a bigger and more important issue. of course.  (.. idiot parazites)


So after waking up I tried to add the vimeo link to everywhere I could. Made a separated post about it here to make sure everyone see it who had problems with it.

Neverland: Portrait of the Birds (Kai fanart) POST


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