lulu selca + a wip

lulu selca

so when i finished school on wednesday i had the glorious goal to give myself a little personal time and draw that day. ended up basically fainting into the bed and sleeping till the next morning.. instead of drawing.
then i thought im going to draw on the weekend something. something really simple this time, because it has been a while since i drew something simple and basic instead of a whole 10+ hours illustration. when i decided this i .. imagined it a bit different, and planned with chanyeol, to be honest. then just before i started to draw .. .. this selca was brought to my attention. and changed everything.

it took me a little longer than an hour to draw this, not much. felt nice to draw something this quick instead of drawing it for weeks little by little. … but .. if i really want to be honest (and im sure its a bad idea to be this time) .. i didnt really do it wholeheartedly. sigh~ probably was a bad decision to draw at all. i have a huge amount of things to do, i am far from being called calm and relaxed, and my new illustration is just around the corner, and i have like a great amount of illustrations (20-30+ hours ones) in my head i wish to have time and soul to do.

and with those in my head, with the history of not sharing anything for months basically, and then drawing something this quick… i feel its not enough to share, though i have been drawing and sharing such simple portraits before, even sketches and worse ones, so i dont really know why im worried.
plus i dont really feel this one close to me.

though we can all agree that lulu looks amazing on that selca!

… enough negative advertising to this poor drawing. im satisfied with how it looks : D .. i wanted it to be half-finished. couldnt stop myself, so its not half-finished enough. now its just like:”i dont know whats going on”.  .. its because of the lightning from below.

lulu selca

Tools: pencils, pastel.

Time: 1.5 hours.


_DSC4975 B


Something else:

the last photo i shared on twitter like two weeks ago already. its a wip picture from the new illustration. i tried to make it hard to guess who is it — my attempt failed in great time. haha : D its A2, and … yea, pretty detailed, coming with a video (unless i manage to ruin at the last stage, which will be risky actually, im a bit worried about it)…. and i will share it earlier if someone composes the song for me, cause .. … i cant. T___T i dont know how did i do with the Black Pearl, i had some high and great moment when i did, i cant now.

okay, finished writing, cause im freezing and my fingers dont move (cause of course my room is the only one where the heater doesnt wanna work, not the floor heating, not the normal ones, gosh, whywhywhy, im turning into ice princess here)


2 thoughts on “lulu selca + a wip

  1. Charlotte B.

    Oh you draw it ! It look amazing as usual ! I really like the eyes *.*

    But when i read that you were planning on drawing channie i don’t know if it was a good idea to show you this selca :p (just kidding) It’s just that it’s been a long time since i saw one of your channie’s drawing ^^ But i will wait and i know that when the times comes i’m not going to be disappointed.

    Oh and can’t wait to see the Kyungsoo fanart ! It look gorgeous ! ^^
    (speaking of Kyungsoo it makes me really sad seeing him in a wheelchair. I hope he will be ok soon :’) )

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      haha : D i wanted to bring your attention to what you started.. : D but i forgot to haha ^ ^* but you noticed yourself anyway : P
      aaah, yea.. yeollie. ehm. well, i did draw him since then, just cant show yet : ( .. sketchy rough ones, so .. whatever, you will see them later : )

      ^ ^*
      ah, him in wheelchair. … well.. … okay, i didnt see him in wheelchair : D i saw him only with those .. sticks, i dont know their name in english : DD but im not quite sad about it, cause he seems okay with it too, looks even kind of playful, i havent seen him playful for a while on airport photos : O .. yea, of course, he hurt himself, but… happens. i dont know, im probably like this cause i have been growing up among boys, have seen a lot, plus im around wheelchairs and those sticks everyday, and its just normal for me.
      he is okay, and his spirit seems to be better than a little before somehow, so im not worried or sad or hurt : D i guess he could have a proper rest and sleep and missing some rehearsals because of it, so his life is back. probably gets a lot of comforting too.


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