Kyungsoo Winter

falling snow kyungsoo fanart

scarf, stripes, knitted, slowly falling snow, light, and kyungsoo.. all the things i like : P

it was born yesterday. its digital. wow. i cant say i have practiced digitals much since the last time.. but i had to draw some storyboards and illustrations on computer, barely a couple of. seems like they helped, even though i kind of just made them quickly because they needed to be done. but now im proud of my digital drawing : D hopefully it didnt turn out like this because i drew kyungsoo. i tend to do everything in better quality when its about him.. > <

i have been really busy lately, really didnt have time to draw. well, you know that too, i didnt really post any proper drawing for .. 2 months now or so. and im annoyed because of it. and yesterday things kind of hit my head, things i shouldnt have forgotten ever in the first place. .. its a long story, but in the end i just got my priorities together finally. i really should tattoo it on myself so i wont forget it ever again (i wanted to.. before. haha. changed my mind (i have never liked tattoos to begin with..). seems like i absolutely should).

as i result i drew this picture. im really happy with it, i like it quite much. i will draw more like this.
(and next week finish that big illustration finally for gods sake.. next week will be the last in the school, but only the first half will be hard.)

kyungsoo winter fanart

today i was planning to say several useless stuff on twitter. like e.g. today was the first day i had to walk in minus degrees to school.. december is really here; or today i saw frost the first time and regretted i didnt have my camera with myself, because it was really nicely lightly foggy-frosty-grey morning; or the mercedes benz gt commercial which makes me regret i dont like driving car..
— but then the mv was released (which was supposed to happen tomorrow, and i was everything only not ready for it).. and it overwrote everything, im glad im still aware of the era im in. woah.

i want to say it here too that.. i really want to invite for a coffee and chat with the person who dared to put in that kind of mv kris with the canvas. i think i would like that person : D


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