my 2013

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•  S U M M A R Y  •

the year of the snake was honestly really bad. : / it was a kind of downhill tendency for quite some year now, each of them worse than the previous one, and each year i was hoping it will stop this year, and the next one will be the change. the same this time.
though i did hope it will be good, i didnt have much trust for the snake to be honest. unfortunately i was right, it was full of rotten pathetic people, backstabbing, cheating, badmouthing, throwing every healthy soul to misery. ah, their year, they must have been having a glorious time. i hope they enjoyed, it came to an end, finally. .. kind of, basically not yet, but for me it is, for me the year changes now — my head, my world, end of the story.

•  D R A W I N G  •

im starting with drawing, because my year was mostly about it to be honest : ) thanks to it i gained a lot.
the first drawing i drew this year was still aimless ( bday boy ) .. or how to express it. it marked the end of a period. as well as it was my first kyungsoo, and that pretty much characterised my 2013 a bit later. you know what im talking about : D

then couple of weeks later i moved to china, and everything changed. a month later i grabbed my pencil again, and started sth really new. suddenly i had a style, i found a concept i really liked, gained a lot of views, and also made my first process film. this was the beginning of the Neverland Series. It stretched all over my year. the last piece i shared in november (?). if you put them together and carefully watch each of them, you see the clear progress, i went through, too (the clear fact you can check personally to see that practice does make everything).
Neverland Series was really special and dear to me, along with its good points and mistakes too.

My most viewed process film is also part of the Neverland Series. It’s the second piece: Portrait of the Forest, with 32K views. Also the most liked, and the most commented too.

However my most popular drawing is another one. One that doesn’t have a video, one that gave me one of the biggest surprise : D it’s the Waterlily – Kyungsoo fanart.

It’s also the most purchased fanart on my society6. (Don’t Cry is stepping down to the second place only for one less purchase : ) )

Kyungsoo - Water Lily fanart

•  M U S I C  •

music is going to be on the next topic. music kept me sane this year. exo’s xoxo was the highlight. i have never had such a reaction to music or album ever.

so its not a surprise either that EXO ruled my ipod this year, and became my most listened group in 2013.
in overall stats they are still standing on the second place, the No1 listened group is still SHINee. but let’s just count, i have since 2010, and it counts shinee ever since that. while exo is only 2 yrs old, and already ruling my top lists.
the reason why you might think i would listen to them more, and why other fans might have more plays of their favourite groups, and i dont… is the reason that i have – as you see – 1,116 artists in my itunes in total, and they are not there to fill the empty place (which i dont have actually, so im always deleting the ones i dont listen to), i listen to most of them, i like variety.
(and i also suspect that there is a problem with scrobbling the stats from my ipod .. so those everyday occured times when i walk to the school, or back, or wherever, or im not sitting at my computer.. are basically not counted. .. maybe.)

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 17.39.18

my top10 listened song in 2013 are the following:
the 2-6 list is really so close, 1-3 plays away from each other, so thats pure luck where they are standing right now (you see 2-2, right, they are exactly the same plays, and that also just .. happened).

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 17.40.23

and my top10 listened song since 2010:

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 17.40.36

•  D R A M A  •

i have to excuse at this topic once again, i havent watched as much drama unfortunately as much i wanted to. : /
barely watched just 10, or something. based on this i would pick Faith as my favourite. The ending was more than awful, but i kind of enjoyed it till the very end, so it manages to overwrite what – .. downhill the quality and the story went at the end.

as a sidenote i want to mention a western series too, this time. early this year i watched some (3) western series, which didnt happen since like high school. i still wont get back, i still find 99% of them boring and too cheap (selling with blood and/or sex and nothing else). but i liked these i watched, and my favourite among these could be Suits (i havent seen the last season though).


i think thats it, this time i cant think up any more topics i could make conclusion or summary of. i dont want to pick out any designs, because … 80% of them is still unfinished, and most of that im pretty unsatisfied with. plus i will have an opportunity to share them in 2014. and .. i feel those were not me. i couldnt really care about them as much as i should have. i aimed all of my attention to my drawings, and process films, and music, and … drama (kind of). that is what my soul was full of this year, and tried to not think about anything else, to be able to stay sane. just kind of shutting everything out, and do the next thing i have to. then turning back to these. no, its not good. this is not how its supposed to be. but.. instead of making myself like what i try to avoid.. i try to open up the boundaries of what i like, and widen it out. yeap. glorious plans. : D

i have some plans for 2014. i dont make resolutions, but this time i made a list. a three .. but mainly two pointed list i want to do in 2014. not long, but i was hesitating over these for a while, because.. i know myself, im going to swear at my idiot ideas later. > < doesnt matter, i have more pro than contra. one of those is that “because i want to”, and thats a pretty strong point if you ask me. : D

im going to talk about 2014 tomorrow. today is still all about 2013.

2013, bye. i wont miss you, never come back.

happy new year for everyone!

dont forget to take out every trash (and broken, and dirty things) from your house today, clean and tidy up. and tomorrow dont dare to work! and dont take out anything from your house, not a single thing.
put a walnut to the 4(+) inner corners of your house. dress in blue (maybe adding a little green), wear something new that you havent worn yet.. make a huge and terrible noise at midnight to scare back everything bad to the past year. and while you take your first sip from your champagne in 2014, imagine and feel through everything nice you want to have in 2014.

i wish a huuuuuuge amount of luck for you for 2014, a lot of happiness. and my only wish this year (is the same as my last year’s). i hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.


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