new year. a deep breath. inhale it, full lungs, keep inside, and let it out slowly.
time to change.

i didn’t really have plans for the new year until i watched a video. anna akana…? anyone following her on youtube? i have been following her for quite some months now, maybe even a year, i dont remember. i liked her vids, i have been actually sometimes waiting for monday, to see her upload a new vid. i liked that surety, that i know, i certainly know that on monday she will upload another video, and i will like it. even if its 1.5 mins long, i can see another opinion of hers, i can hear another story. i like how she edits her vids too, keeping me interested and under affect during the whole vid. i have no idea how she manages to produce a vid like that in a week, moreover, every single week, but im all wow. .. this is not why i brought it up though. she now said she is going to change her timing to friday, and she also had a new year plan. to make a short film every week. she even took it to another level, a short film, in a week. .. moreover, every week! and what she said when she announced? “Maybe start thinking about what you are afraid to do – but really want to -, and say “fuck it”, and just do it.” (the video link)

so i started thinking. and some things came up, that i have really really wanted to do for a long time, but im afraid to. like e.g. i want to cut my hair bald. like completely bald. i really want it so much. once, at least once in my life. i absolutely refuse to die before i have my head bald.  … but its not time for that yet. i will be bald at a point in my life, i can assure you about that, and i will be really really damn happy. (the closest i was to it when i had about 5-10cm long hair, pixie hair, i was 18, and i cut it, because before that i had my dark brown hair dyed white. … 7 hours of bleaching. it killed my hair, completely. it was literally falling off. i got really angry at a point and made the hairdresser cut everything. i looked awful ^ ^’)

so i did have some thoughts. not much though. but some of the things i wish i did before, but i didnt. for several reasons, not having enough time for it, and when i do, not having much energy to do it were among them. im not entirely sure im able to do it, but im going to try. it not a big thing actually, it is big for me. and im going to soooo curse my idiot ideas later. and thats the reason why im leaving it a little lighter for myself. i promised im going to get more active here on my blog, and thats going to be my new year resolution : D so here it is.

* 365 BubblyDiaries
the number is rather theorical. just because we know thats a year. i most likely wont make it to 365. the reason is that i know myself, sometimes im just having really annoyed days, when i honestly dont care what did i promise, what did i want, or whatever, i just want to do nothing. or days when i just faint into my bed right when i get home, sleeping till the next morning, and i have no intention to wake myself up before midnight just to share sth on the internet. i want to leave this for myself, without pushing. no use of pushing anyway.
BUT. i do plan to share at least something – everyday. or maybe just leaving out one day. if i left out two days, i give all the right to nag on it, and demand it from me. im going to get annoyed, but at least going to do something about it. : D
that something can be anything. if its a sketch, then a sketch, if its a work i have doing that day, then its going to be a wip, a screenshot, a snapshot, a photo, or just 2 lines about how much i hate everything and everyone. just whatever. mostly visual. since my life is mostly visual.

* 365 BubblyDiaries – TUMBLR
the other thing is that im actually opening my bubblydiaries on tumblr. im going to share there exactly the same thing im sharing here, just without or with muuuch less text. so my personal opinion you might not see there. but the pictures will be shared. or … whatever i share here.
the reason is because i grew to like tumblr quite much ^ ^*
i already have there my kpope11ie (the main blog) and my only-elie (art sideblog), and now my bubblydiaries (visual diary sideblog). the difference among them is .. well kpope11ie is directly my fan-self, reblogging others, and sharing my fanarts. only-elie is where i shared my arts and sketches, and … designs and photos, if i have ever uploaded there any. ^ ^’so thats kind of like a … loose portfolio-directory. while bubblydiaries will be about me, personal, my days, myself. i plan to share there everything i created, im not going to reblog from others pictures i find inspirational, or whatever. only original Me. : )
follow me to get the updates. and check it everyday to see what new i have. though i will reblog them to my other tumblr blogs if its something that suits their theme.
and im still going to be here, sharing the same thing, with a book-worth of text no one cares about. yeap.

* 50 books
my 3rd and last one will be this one. i plan to read minimum 50 books this year. its really not that much i know, especially if you think that it basically makes a book per week. but … … i have no idea how im going to do this. to make something everyday here, and to read a book everyday .. while my regular life isnt getting any less busy. .. and there is the thing that if i start to like a book nothing can get me off from it, not if the house collapses around me, not the dawn and my own voice cursing me the next day, when i have to work and look like im alive.
the reason why i got this here as a point is because… i have answered a question with it on tumblr but .. the cold truth is that i have not read a book since highschool. and not because i dont like reading. i have been eating them insanely before. and there was a clear point, when i suddenly stopped. i tried to read books after that, but i couldnt. i just really couldnt. found all of them boring after the 5th page, i got annoyed about unnecessary parts, and left them there. and there came a point a year later, when i just stopped even trying. since then i only read .. study books. infos. without any unnecessary information. but in this november i just suddenly had an entertaining literature book in my hands, i bought like 3 yrs ago, and couldnt get past the first 5 pages. and i ate it up. once again i couldnt put it down. it was amazing. like old times. felt great.
so im giving it a try by this resolution. minimum 50 books in 2014.
i have registered to goodreads to keep track of my progress, and to get suggestions, see whats popular, so i cant get mistaken with a book. if you have goodreads profile add me as a friend, im curious about what books you liked too. i thirst for information : D
but im warning you, im not the quality book kind. i prefer trashy kind of books (not to the extent of 50 s o g, not that much trashy), that keep me interested~
i have already started the first one, a sci-fi that was published recently. i almost finished it already. so im getting confident about being able to keep this goal of mine.


this year is going to be the year of the horse. which means its my year! as a horse myself, i have high trust in this year. its going to be a good one, a successful one, i know.

this year i want to learn a lot. i want to work as much as i possibly can, i want to draw a lot, improve my graphic skills, pay more attention to my vids, plan them more thoroughly and not only rush them together in the last moment as i have been doing all this time. i want to participate in competitions (and win them, obviously : D ). and beside all this, im trying to keep it presented on my blog, and read books.

im afraid i cant keep it, its going to be hard, the beginning is going to be a bit stiff, the middle is going to be a bit pushed. but. im going to try.

thank you for being here all this time, and i hope you will keep visiting my blog in this upcoming year too.
im honestly so happy that you are here. i will hug you for this when i get the chance : D


did you make any new year resolution?
do you have high hopes for this year?
its going to be great, trust me!~ : )


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