iMac-mock-up-diferents-views bon tumblr

my whole day today at work was about web and app designs.
added one more to the list now before sleep. again a KNOT concept : ) .. you have been seeing the posters already, these days i have finished the entire company identity, and event image. only the interiors are left. the most difficult. not because of the idea, but how am i supposed to deliver it. im really bad at concept pictures.. photomanips or 3d digital arts are the best way to show concept images. and my skills do not include any of them (yet). digital art (digital painting) could be a way to come around it. .. ah, but, yea, now i remember it, i cant draw digitally either.
looks like my traditional skills come to no use lately. i should honestly practice digitals sososo much, im lacking in so many field i should be ashamed for sleeping at all.


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