Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 03.44.20

this is how my exam-exhibition plan looks like. this was supposed to be in the print at monday already. yet its thursday 4am, and its still not finished.

i have two walls to use (110x175cm, 2 of them), to showcase my school assignments. usually 2 assignment per subject. but im just random, one subject i ignored completely, and didnt put anything here. …. some will be 3d models, so they arent here yet (or anywhere in reality T^T ). they will be on that weird tall thing in the middle (which i have no idea how im going to execute.. im so in time.)
overall im just too messy. > < this is not how its supposed to look like. i feel like im just totally random.

the duplicate one is still not finished. … haha, sure, why would it be finished, i should have it printed out already, the exam is in couple of days, but i didnt even do that assignment yet, which i want to use here. why not, pleeeenty of time, no worries, i still could save the world twice till the exhibition, print- .. ts. nothing. -.- : DD

(im planning to properly share each of them separately normally on the internet… later. once. so you will see them too~~ )


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