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im sharing this drawing cause.. look at that walkman! : D i mean… nah, okay, it doesnt work as a cover, but loooook at that walkman!! i love it. he is so cute. so melancholic. and his little puppy. : D the reason why i like this picture! : DD

… .. i had a walkman in elementary, in the second part of elementary (.. around 6th grade maybe. in 8th i already had discman okay… .. and in 10th ipod, those old 1st gen big ones, i still have it somewhere and still working. sigh~ that was a fast revolution, faster than it is now.)
my walkman was metalic blue. with neon green accessories. it looked absolutely cool and fashionable. *o*

rollingstone cover

it was btw made for the concept of “the death of the disc”. which turned to be the evolution of music under my care.


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