One Chance – 3 – Chanyeol fanart

Chanyeol for OneChance - 3

remember its preview i shared in june? < the post >

finally i can share this with you. there is 3 more coming.
i have drawn these sketchy drawings of the photos One Chance takes, all of them part of her new photobook she released yesterday. i think these photos can only be found in her photobook.

you have a chance to get 2 of these drawings as a notebook (i mean as a cover on those notebooks). the today’s and the tomorrow one. < here > you can see how!
(they will have this white look, not that pastel soft background i usually have, we just both decided that its easier to print on white, plus i realised its nicer too, she didnt have the time to change on the site yet)

this is The Third. im starting with the third because this is the only one that has a history with you already : D finally its here!

Preview - The Third of Chanyeol


2 thoughts on “One Chance – 3 – Chanyeol fanart

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      now that you mention.. changhyun, i see it too : D because of the ears and the small lips. … which looks like small lips after i whitened it out and lost 60% of the details. sigh~


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