One Chance – 1 – Chanyeol fanart

Chanyeol for OneChance - 1


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so here it is the first (second) unreleased chanyeol sketch for the photobook of One Chance, i made couple of months ago. this is the other sketch that is available as a notebook, you can find out here, how:

this is my second version i made for the picture. .. i found the first one too boring, so i tripled him. : D a close one, a general one, and a really close one on his lips. because i love lips. i guess its not a secret any longer. … ah, whatever, who doesnt. though i prefer them dry and crazily textured. and yeollie’s lips are usually .. too perfect : D full, well hydrated, nothing interesting is going on there. sigh~ if i will draw a detailed illustration of him (which i will. hinthint~~), i will add that texture myself.

this one is a much more messy sketchy style. one of my fav from the collection : ) it looks nice with the crispy white background too, which was required because of printing problems. it unfortunately lost a lot of messiness in the process.. get something, give something. im sure it looks nice on the notebook too, send me pictures if you get it! : D i will receive them just later, so excited~~


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