miracles in december

exo - miracles in december

finally it has arrived *—* it came during the week, but i came home only today, so i could hold it in my hands finally! i have the album, and the poster as well.

exo - miracles in december

i want to praise the designer. i have been criticising the logo designer for a while (come on, it looks terrible.. its a minimalistic squid. .. z is reminded of the bluetooth logo. its bad in so many means.)

BUT. the album design… is absolutely outstanding! just stepped up to be my fav cd cover designs ever. first of all im going crazy over all these holo stuff. i have been going crazy about holo stuff recently, in this very little, just-one-detail way. and on the photos i have seen about the album, it was absolutely not there, no one seemed to go crazy over the holos. …
AND then i saw the cd. … and i was like “ah? did they spare some money on the cd?” .. cause at first its all white and nothing else. then i noticed the tiny little exo logo. and i was like “ohgod, its so nice, so clean”. … and i sat down to use my computer, etc. looked to my side, the afternoon sun was leaking through my curtains in that little line. and then i saw it! THEN I SAW IT! and i was “ooooohmygooood, I LOVE IT”. that little logo is all over the cd and the cover, with shiny transparent white paint! sooooo clean, soooo soft, sooooo beautiful. (take a closer look at the cd on the top to see)

i havent seen this mentioned anywhere, taken photo of it anywhere, why, why, why no one cares about it, its such a pure and genious design, let me bow in front of the designer, who was that? i want to know who was the designer.

exo - miracles in december

love love love it.

my christmas present from my precious self to my most precious self : D .. i actually bought it from the money i have received from selling my art : ) … so, it went back to them, thank you honeys. for those who bought my art during the last year, and for my honeys, who made this album, gave us this present, and keep inspiring me and giving me a reason to smile and move through the days.

and happy birthday to our precious kyungsoo : ) love you darling~ 21, woah : D
when i was 16, a guy (actually he was even korean) told me, that “you are so lucky to be still so young” and i was like “….. yeaa… -.-‘ “, and he said “haha, you will see, you want to get old, but once you reach 21 it suddenly turns around. things change in that year”. sigh… he was right. so right. … its not that bad though, just .. the world gets more scary, and the things that makes you worried kind of triples in amount. im soon 24 and i feel 14, or even more helpless than i was at 14, yet the world expects me to be an adult, and act like one.
the thing that comforts me: i see that im not alone with this, and literally everyone in my age acts like me, and suddenly “my age” means 20-30, and i see that its like a big kindergarden, where we act like we actually work and do things thats responsible.
the thing that doesnt comfort me: it gets worse and worse every year. i get a year older, and feel 2 years younger (now im at 14. … im scared), where is the pause button, at least till i get myself together..


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