so.. this is it. soooooooo fancy /no.
i took this photo yesterday, when i finished putting them up, but .. yea, not much change was made since then.

the exam was successful. kind of funny though.
the committee’s conclusion was the following:
– feminine style, attention to the details, nicely presented, obvious interest in fashion (?), presentation looks like a moodboard.
– strength: branding
– weakness: cant draw.

.. oooookay :DDD nah, okay, really, what i drew for school and what i draw for myself has like 10 universes gap in between. i see that myself. of course they cant know that. .. it was kind of funny to hear : D im glad that was the only bad thing they said and even that isnt quite true, so~~ or might be true, but i hope no one else thinks like that : )

i will receive their written critique only on the next week (or later, depends when i make myself to go and get it ^ ^’ ), as well as all my other teacher’s written critique personally about me, what they think about my progress, my strong points, what they think i should improve. … which is like one of my fav part of the semester, because they are .. most of them are pretty well-known people in their field.. like .. if i wanted to do branding in the rest of my life and stay in this country, i would go through some companies, but in the end, one of the best i could go is actually owned by my teacher. .. and the same goes for several subjects. commercial too, which is like basically the only thing i care about, so i really really want to know my teacher’s opinion.

i wiiiiiill share with you the projects separately somehow, later.


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