_DSC5361 b


how i went to take the exam.
i like my nails : ) it still looks nice~


7 thoughts on “0116

      1. Charlotte

        I prefer simple design, it’s more elegant i think ^^

        By the way, are you drawing some new fanart these days ? 🙂

      2. Charlotte

        Ah more of Channie ~ ♡

        Didn’t have the time to draw these days too. As you said on Facebook, i have to express myself more on my drawing. I’m kind of a perfectionist (or a maniac. I dont know how to say it in english sorry. But you know it’s when a certain thing have to be at a certain place or when i have to check three at four times if i have all my thing with me before going to school. It can be really annoying some times but what can i do …) so when im drawing im too focused on doing the drawing and its detailed just so it look like the model (which is most of the time only photo) and at the end it didn’t express anything. ..
        I’m stuck between doing something too “perfect” and doing something that reflect me.

        Anyway sorry for doing a comment that’s not really about your article here. I will do it on fb next time if you prefer ^^

      3. bubblydiaries Post author

        haha:D thats okay, you can write this wherever you want, on fb or here, doesnt matter : )
        i know what you are saying, im a maximalist too. but.. i had a point, after i proved myself that “i can do it”, when i just stopped to care about it. … maybe after you reach this “i know i can do it”, it will change too. believe me, its muuuuuch less stressful, and just after that point i started to actually enjoy drawing.

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