wwf rhino poster

wwf rhino


was my first school assignment this past semester, in september.
a photomanip (which i never do), for wwf. …. i dont like the typo, but that was my teacher’s desire to have it like this. as for me i would have been the happiest with only one single soft line.

i wanted to express that they are more than what you see, more precious, creatures with feelings. also, that the problem is bigger than it seems. its cold, and dark. i wanted the one who looks at it feel cold, and feel that dark mass (which scares me, because im scared of deep waters. .. for me deep is over my knee > < (i can swim, not because of that)).
one of my classmate pointed out, that it also kind of brings in an other problem, the melting ice, and how she likes that it has both of them in it. i see what she meant. though i feel its a bit over-explaining the poster. just shared as an opinion that came in and i remember. : )


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