0122 (end-semester critiques)

today im going to share my end-semester written critiques, i received today. we get these at the end of each semester, from our teachers, and the examing committee, everyone, personally. what they think about me, my skills, my progress, etc.
so im going to translate them.
im starting with the subject i care about the most.. to the level that when i received my grades this was the only one i checked to see, and didnt bother to even take a glance at the rest of the subjects, so i just left them to check during lunchtime. .. and i got so happy from this subject’s teacher’s critique that i was smiling half of the day : D
so here they are. .. people are usually keeping these stuff private, because they are personal, but .. i dont care, its not some secret, not as if you cant see it at my works yourself with your own two eyes. : ) so im sharing.
this is how an end-semester critique looks like from the teachers, personally for me (us), in a design uni. : )

“Behind the shy and quiet mask, there is steel willpower and talent. I’m expecting a lot from her.”

“She has a unique view and really good taste in graphics. She usually succeeds at trying to create unique designs. She thinks through her concepts really logically while really creatively. Her typography is confident, her colour- and form-desgin taste is good. I think she should be a bit more definite during her work of process, to decide some questions intuitively.”

“Unfortunately her style practices weren’t that successful, but her creative works are really nice and outstanding.”

Cover Design:
“She takes the projects serious, and finished the semester with great dedication. Her performance is steady. Her conceptual thinking and technical skills are both really strong. She was good, if we don’t count her last work, which was rather weak.”
(he means this)

Story Board:
“She has a good taste, soft style, her works are usually even. She usually used well the language of the motion picture, sometimes though she should have thought a bit more thoroughly. She didn’t have enough time for the last project, I have missed it, but overall she was dedicated, and worked intelligently.”

“Up-to-date, well-aware of the last waves of design. It’s clear by her works too. Her finished projects were experimenter, reasoned, logical.”

Modern Design (Critique class):
“She worked dedicatedly in her own quiet, moderate way. Even if she didn’t like the exhibition; she tried to find those points in them, which she could relate to. I enjoyed reading her critiques.”

The Exam – French Committee:
“A lot of gentleness and trick, coherent work. We advice to try to explore more styles, they might make your work richer.”


as for me… as i said i cared about Advertising the most, since thats what im interested in. i was quite disappointed in myself, my ideas were lame, and my overall productivity was really disappointing for myself. in front of myself. i waited that class soooooo much, and i have had high expectations towards myself… after all im planning to .. i dont know, minimum change the world or something. : D
and then i was there, sitting at that class, in front of that teacher. … and i – was – so – bad. i honestly questioned myself, though i knew i dont have experience, thats why im having the class, i have to learn a lot. but i questioned if i really can do this or what..
but after the middle of the semester i think i kind of gathered myself together, and my last project was quite good, i liked it, and the teacher too. he praised me. …. thats why he wrote that critique he wrote.
i hope he remembers this when i go to his company : P  …. im going to improve myself before i stand in front of him again!

as for the others… i payed much attention to Branding and Cover Design too. though im not planning to do that in my future, i still enjoy and like them. in the end the committee said that they think my strength is Branding. so i dont know.. i think i have experience in that, maybe thats why. i have been doing branding works beside school and other works for quite some time now.

i treat typography as something that should be done. its important. its really important. even if i dont like it, i take it serious. so its kind of… shows in my works i think. i wish i could be better at it.

… i didnt like story board. … i – have – no – intention to draw storyboards ever again. im going to jump through the first window, really, its terrible. i really didnt do those works wholeheartedly. or any heartedly. jeeez. i hate it.

webdesign was nice. … i had no idea whats going on, but … well, my grades werent that bad. : DD my webdesigning skills were much worse before the class. so its kind of improving, and thats good. nowadays everyone wants webdesign. me included. but… all those html, css, wth is like … i dont know what im doing.

critique was okay. give me a topic and i write any number of pages you want. i guess i dont have to explain it any further : )

i left out one class (product image). im not even going to post it here, thats such a terrible useless class with a useless teacher, omg. i dont even want to think about it. and i will have to endure it for another semester, with the same useless teacher, god help me.

about the exam i have already been talking.. … im not necessarily agree with them though, plus its rather … general, like they didnt even want to write anything proper. doesnt matter, i wasnt quite curious about it either.


overall this semester was quite different for me, compared to the previous years i had. im still in my 3rd year, but i have been putting my years continuously on hold. first after first year, because i went to study to taiwan. then i came back for the second year, and after that i left out a year again, because i went to work to china. during that year i actually met the real-life design, customers, expectations, real money leaving and coming in based on what i do, ten-, hundred thousands of prints of something i have designed, real deadlines, real life, reality. and no one tells me if what i do is wrong or right, no teacher is there to critique my work, i am the one who tells everything, companies listening to it, no one is there to help me. that changed me a lot. plus my drawings came in during that year, which changed my style. so i came back to this year like someone else, someone new. my priorities changed. my view on the class changed. i have been thirsty for the teachers whose opinion i know matters, because they know what they are talking about. while the teachers who doesnt seem to have a single idea about whats going on didnt matter for me (product image… -.-‘ ).
this change is clear by my grades too, i dont care about my grades. which ended me having worse grades than i had in my second year. while feeling more successful than in my second year.
the class i started with in the first year has already received their diploma last year. i would have been there if i stayed too. im glad i didnt though, because i think i could improve much better in this.. random way. but i also feel that i dont want to sit in the school any longer, i want to work. i love working. i feel annoyed to be tied to the school. while i love my school, and i know im not at all good, i need to be there, i need to talk with those people who ended up to be my teachers, who i couldnt meet otherwise. to meet all these different views, and different subjects, even if i know i wont be doing it in the future, i still know that i have to know them. i want to know them. …. i want 48 hours days, really, so i can do everything i want altogether. : D

my next semester starts on monday.
new subjects, new teachers. (.. more or less)
i have pretty mixed feelings about this.


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