0127 – behance feature

behance gaborovna

a little one for today.

school resumed. back to the second semester. starting the very first week with the subject i hate the most (product identity), with the teacher i hate the most. yaaaay. received the homework for the next week, min 20 pages analysis of the target group of 5 products. designed into catalogue. … … sounds yummy. .. having more problems with getting back to that group of people though, my class. felt refreshing to be around productive (sometimes positive .. at least productive and creative) people at work, now being back is a little like chocking, pointless, non-real facts and conversations, etc.
still trying to work at the same time. with the difference from the past that now im still trying to work full-time, along with .. full-time school. sounds like a challenge.

okay, whatever. so the thing that actually brightened me up today was a thing i had to read twice to … absorb.
behance actually featured my Neverland Series (on behance). wow. not the main page, but .. who cares, i do check Drawing Served myself too, and Illustration Served, and sometimes the other served pages too. from time to time, just out of curiousity, just to get some feel of other artists’ view, for inspiration, for news, for whatever. so i can tell you i was like wow, receiving that mail from them, and then seeing my Series there.

i certainly did not see this coming.

this made my day.

so im giving my day post just for this.
(that doesnt mean i have no idea what else could i share. nope. not at all.)


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