speed sketches – digital, concepts – details only

concepts, digital 2 - details


speed sketches for another presentation, another company : ) … some details from it. again, unfortunately, cant share any more of them .. probably in this year. and then who would care already.

but .. i like doing these. my digitals do improve. even on this sequence, i ordered them by the time i made. the first, the top-left corner i made 2 days ago. the last one today. can you see the difference in the lines? .. and the overall sketchy feel?


3 thoughts on “speed sketches – digital, concepts – details only

  1. Charlotte

    I see that you are doing fine these days 😀 with all the logos you’re working on ^^
    And it’s cool seeing you posting every day on the blog !

    Have a lovely day ~

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      haha, its hard to post sth everyday!! though i do have plenty of things (.. kindof) to share, but none of them are drawings and probably no one really is interested ^ ^’ all these technical, real-life graphics arent that interesting or artistic for that matter : (
      i wish i had an iphone so i could share sometimes snapshots too. .. but i dont have and my camera is too heavy and indiscreet to carry around. : D
      i should draw more though. .. or .. well, at least something, cause i didnt.. really .. at all. ^ ^’
      how are you doing?
      i havent been active on other sites you are there too, so any interaction between us fell off : DD how have you been?

      1. Charlotte B.

        Actually i found the posts about your works or graphics interesting ! Even if they are not drawings i’m quite interesting in the other things you do ^^

        Even with a simple smartphone you can’t do that ? I mean take a photo and upload it, no ? And yeah it’s not really easy to carring around a camera. I would like too but yeah i can’t …

        Same for me. I would like to draw more these days so i will improve myself but i don’t have the time during the week 😦
        I had started a fanart of Kyungsoo a few days ago … I had finished the eyes and when i started shading the nose i realised that the proportions wasn’t good. The nose was a bit too far from the eyes so yeah i didn’t finished it. And now it is laying on the floor with a lot of other paper … But i think i will start another drawing tonight or tomorrow ^^

        Other than that i’m fine … i think. I had a lot of bad luck these days i don’t know why o.o And i’m tired of my school , the administration and most of the teachers are so annoying … Only two of my koreans teachers are good !!! Cant’ wait to finished my degree and leave this school -_- But at least i valided my semester ! ^^

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