sis couple rings : )


couple rings with my sister, Anna : D

i wanted to buy couple rings for ourselves for a while now, like since summer it was really in my mind already. though she isnt quite the ring-kind-of-girl, she usually looses her jewellery. well, she is 9, i guess its okay. .. though i received my first gold ring present when i was 9, and i still have it.
but i couldnt really find one. and .. today she bought herself a hello kitty magazine, which she likes quite much, and it had these rings as a present inside. and i thought why not. : D so now im going to be wearing hello kitty ring, and i dont regret a thing. : DD

happy chinese new year btw. .. almost late : ) .. i was planning to draw a new year illustration. .. like, since new year. couldnt make it. but wont forget, i still have couple of more hundred days to draw and still be in time, right? : D


One thought on “0201

  1. Charlotte B.

    Oh that’s so sweet ~
    It make me want to do the same thing with my two little sisters but they are not the type to wear rings either … But since i lived really far from them it’s a good idea. I will think about that 😀

    And happy chinese new year to you too (better late then never 😉 )


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