bts vid + the commercial

finally!! the BTS vid from that shooting from a while ago.
i love bts vids, i have quite some dl-d to my computer memory as well, i like to watch them in a high number. i feel so weird to see myself on one now : D … i know i know, i will get bored of it later, i wish i was at that point already, but for now im just .. excited : D yaay.

and here is the actual one-take commercial (the bts vid is better)
my hand is the 4th one~~coming from the left with that blue thing~~ though you have seen my hand quite a lot already, you should be able to recognise it by now! (/nah, okay, no)
the commercial will be aired only in the cinemas, not in tv. its about tickets you can get in that shop (the german (?) version of watsons), and win stuff (e.g. car, holiday)

before yesterday, in the morning, i was walking up to the front of the train at the subway station, at the very main station in this city, and i was a couple of steps away from my preferred point when i turned to the right and suddenly the billboard poster of this ad was looking back at me. i have seen it born personally, i have seen the cold-war it took to be in its final form as it is now.
(it looks honestly terrible. .. and iiii know its not our designer’s fault, i have seen his first version, which was like universes better than the trash it is now. but we all know the customers with their aesthetic sense and desire to order around. The Customer.
i hope none of you among my readers do that to any designers! trust us, we know it much better, i know it hurts, but we do, let us do our job. please.)

so.. it looks really bad. but it felt really so nice. i have seen a lot of things born, but not a city billboard yet. everything starts somewhere~~


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