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on 27th it will be two months since i drew a fanart the last time.
i just suddenly had this little gap between works. waiting for answer from some, while realised im a little ahead with my school projects too. so i could either sit down and use this time to rest and read. or … i could draw some of those what i wanted. i chose the last one.
im not sure if my decision was right though.
i doesnt feel good. i made several corrections on the way, and for a good hour and half i hated how it looked like.
instead of being calm and feeling nice, i had this eagerness, and rush in me.. the feeling “i finish this fast and move onto the next one”. something thats really normal for me lately, im living on this. but something that really shouldnt be while drawing. its because im trying to squeeze the lasts of me when i can, doesnt matter if i want to draw or not, i have to, because later i wont have time for it. and when i start to draw in that moment, only because i wont have time for it later.. thats the moment i killed it. basically.

so.. though i cant reach that calmness i need, i still tried to draw. : ) … not that highly detailed illustration, but still an illustration with a concept. maybe with a dark background again. his face still needs a bit adjustments and correcting, but it will be zitao. and i wont finish it by this weekend, because i need some of my tools i dont have with me, im going to take them on the weekend. and i dont know about the next weekend (i doubt : / plus i have promised that i try to do something nicer with the vids, i dont have any idea for that yet though). so.. just wait patiently : DD

i was drawing it for about 3 hours to reach this point. 5h,2h,b,2b,4b,8b. a2.


2 thoughts on “wip

  1. Charlotte B.

    I know the feel … Sometimes during a very busy week when i finally have a bit of time to draw then i do. But i’m also in a rush. Like i have to finish it because i finally had the time to draw. But then it ends up not like how i want it to be … :/
    So now i’m learning to take my time even if i don’t have a lot of time to draw and it’s helpful i think. For the drawing and for me. It’s relaxing ~

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      i know how to take my time, but now i just really cant do it : ( even that i have the time, because i decided to give myself time to draw, but i still cant stay calm. sigh~
      it will change a bit soon : ) i can see it coming already.


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