friday nights + book list

friday nights

on friday, after work, i usually go back to my apartment, quickly throw some stuff into my bag, and go home for the weekend. usually with the 8.30 or 9.30 train. i get near my home at 10-11, and if im lucky there will be someone to pick me up with a car, and i dont have to wait for (or run to catch) the last bus to take me through the forest to the little village i live in. by the time i get home is nearly midnight, usually most of my family is sleeping already. the first thing i do is to hug my little yorkie, since when i get home and he sees me he comes to greet me the first, waits there sitting happily and patiently until i get off my shoes and coat, then his turn comes and i pick him up and go to say hi to the others with him (trying to lick my face) in my hands.
then i go and eat something, because on fridays i usually dont have lunch or dinner because of the tight schedule, so im basically starving and eat a lot, but my grandma knows it already, she is not putting away the food until i arrive on friday.
with my late dinner i usually have a little wine or liqueur, with my grandma (she drinks vodka). she tells me how the week was for her, and i tell her a little about mine, because i dont really have energy to tell long stories by this time already. my yorkie is always sitting beside me, at the table, on the next chair, while im having my dinner and talk with my grandma. .. then i go upstairs to my room and faint to sleep.
thats how every single one of my friday night goes. : )

friday nights

i use the travelling time to read. on my ipod. : )
remember my 50 books challenge for this year? … im falling back with the schedule a bit ^ ^’ … i have finished 4 yet : DD aah, i can do it, i can do it, i know i can. : D

Amie Kaufman: These Broken Stars
( 4* )

Yangsze Choo: The Ghost Bride
( 5* – because .. nevertheless i liked the story, and i found it inspiring)

Rainbow Rowell: Eleanor and Park
( 4* – eeehm… i would have given 3*, but i gave 4 because i liked the style, the way it was written was really cute and “authentical” (-?). im going crazy over i-change-the-world-in-my-free-time-after-school-16-years-old-heros, thats not how a 16 yrs old thinks like, or capable of. and i found this one much more close to whats going on around that age, naivety and simplicity, it was lovely.)

Veronica Roth: Divergent
( 5*  –  even though its a i-change-the-world-in-my-free-time-after-school-16-years-old-heros kind of book. … it was still great, i basically ate it up. just try to not think too much about me reading about kids, and imagine them older, and Four around the age of 26 instead of 18. -.-‘ )

currently reading:
Veronica Roth: Insurgent

(my goodreads account: e11ie )



3 thoughts on “friday nights + book list

  1. Charlotte B.

    Your friday nights with your grandma sounds so nice. I wish i could do the same with my mom but because of the distance it’s not possible…. Only during holidays but then again it’s like one month in a year …
    Anyway, i really envy you … you live near a forest isn’t this amazing ?! Since i’m a child i always like the feeling that a forest can give. I mean it’s kind of mystic and it’s also a quite place i really like that. But unfortunately i grow up in the city -_-

    I didn’t know that you made a 50 books challenge for this new year ! I also decided to read more this year 😀 And i’m just starting with “Le comte de Monte-Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas. (i don’t know if it has an english name sorry ^^’)
    But after that i want to read more psychological books 😀

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      yea.. and then here in the forest you have all these creatures you wouldnt necessarily want to have near you. and it eats up all your poultry. and then you dont even have proper bus that takes you here (which i actually did manage to miss this friday, the last one, so i had to take a taxi in the midnight -.-‘ .. i met the neighbour though, so we came together : D )

      ooh, but you are reading these books with proper content : DD
      i havent read monte cristo yet : D … i … dont even want to either ^ ^’ i hope its nice though.
      you should have a goodreads acc too!! be my 3rd friend, i feel like on an island alone there haha : DD

  2. Charlotte B.

    Well yeah it can have some disadvantages to live there but i still want to 🙂
    But taking a taxi at midnight :/ Maybe one day when you’ll have a car it will be easier ^^

    Yep i should do that too (create an account on goodreads i mean) it will help me to not forget about reading more this year x)


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