digital sketch

digital sketch


i just had this desire to draw digitally something, in this sketchy way, and when i saw the Video Game mv by that new boy group (or not that new, i dont know, i havent heard about them, and they are pretty young – Boys Republic – what kind of name is that really..)
so that mv wasnt world changing, nor their song or choreo is. but i liked that first image and the last one in the mv. and their clothes : D … so its not a fanart. its not that guy there (though they both have blue hair), and its not exactly how this thing looked like on him. but.. i cant deny that thats where the inspiration came from.

i liked drawing this. once again i realised: i should draw digitally more often.
just sometimes when i sit down to draw digitally (like about every 2nd time) it turns out sooo embarrassingly awful, that i loose my spirit for the next couple of months -.- thats why i should practice, yeap, i know.


2 thoughts on “digital sketch

  1. Charlotte B.

    It looks good 🙂

    What logiciel did you use ? I have a tablet since a long time but i forget to use it lol And i also want to practice more on paper so i pratically don’t use it.

    Well keep practicing digital art ! You will be even better ^^


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