so what was going on lately here, because i have been less active than a post per day …
it started on the week i got sick. i got really pretty sick, but i was still working and going to school, pushing out the last energy i could gather (as a result on the weekend i got like 3 times more sick than i started with on that monday, and i was only sleeping whole weekend.)
then the next week i was feeling kind of exhausted and down, especially on the weekend again. after a terrible friday, that friday was in my top3 worst days in this february.
it continued on this week. i left the advertising agency on monday. so now im back to being full-time freelancer. then yesterday i continued the process and stepped down from two freelancer work, which i did first in my whole life, especially that i did work with both of them, not a little, but there were some misunderstandings. misunderstanding was literally about: people still think these stuff we do just pop out of nowhere in a matter of second, creates itself, and its absolutely okay to ask 122 times it, for the price of 6 (and im not even joking with the numbers), which we agreed on. so i got pretty insane after all the history that was going on before but i tried to cool myself down and kept being nice. i couldnt manage that yesterday, so both of them are on fly right now.
after all this 3 weeks i felt emotionally tired, which is dangerous for designs (not to mention drawing..). as a result i couldnt design anything i cared for properly. luckily with school projects i was exactly 3 weeks ahead, so i could concentrate on the rest, but it still couldnt work the way i wanted. … since the last two days were so awful, i basically just laid in my bed after school and was reading (finished Insurgent! now Allegiant is in the process!!). i kind of feel the life coming back now, even though it were just two days, but today i was actually working whole day, without a problem, i had ideas for the other work that i really want to do well, because its a big project, for a big company, and i really want to give my best to this. today i finally found the path for it, not really going on it yet, im still kind of numb, but im already close! just a little more days of emotional rest, and i will be at 100% battery again, i didnt feel that like since mid-january. leaving these two things, the job and the other work, was a really good idea, with a good timing.
so today not only i managed to move on with the other project. (and with another smaller one.) but also suddenly received 2 more freelancer works in the same time, looks way more promising than those i left.
so i count today successful. it was a nice day. finally.


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