Attraction (Kyungsoo) + discount & free shipping

Attraction - Kyungsoo

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ever since he wore that black turtleneck with that jacket i wanted to draw it somehow. now it just came out in this simple surreal kind of way.
im cant express how happy i am to see his (or his stylists’) black period again : D black fits him so well. with red hair it looked better though, but it looks good on him in every way.

i like to slice things up. i actually do.

i didnt make a vid, but i took two shots during the process:

Attraction - Kyungsoo (WIP)

• pencil, pastels, pen
• a3
• 2 hours

finally i could share it. i drew this on tuesday, but i couldnt take a photo of it, because i finished in the night, and for the photo i need daylight. so i took it on wednesday morning, but in the evening i felt so worn out, that i didnt have the mood to share (or to do) anything. so i thought the world can wait one more day. but.. on thursday i decided out of the blue suddenly that i want to come home (to the countryside), and go to school from here on friday (2×2 hours of public transport). so i packed up in 10 mins, and left. and when i arrived… i saw that i forgot my computer charger (i dont have a battery either in my macbook). so i was like “greaaat”. i didnt finish my friday school project, and didnt have a chance to do then (the danger of leaving it to the very last minute), and i couldnt share the drawing again.
so that was a long dragging on.

i maaaaaaaybe will be drawing one more fanart tomorrow/tonight. just maaaaybe.

* O T H E R *

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 16.39.47

go through this link:

you might want to check because society6 added some new items to the list:
– mugs
– samsung galaxy s4 cases!
– wall clocks (they look terrible though)


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