ice-cream bar packaging design (school project)

packaging (school project)


school project:
group packaging for 4 ice-cream bars

it was a nightmare finding a print company which was able to print this one out for me. my only requirement was to be able to print an A2 sized 200g+ print. thats obviously too much in this modern century.
in the end it wasnt even me who found one, i received some help. which was pretty useful and finally after closing time, on friday midnight i met with the printing guy in an empty gas station in a small town, where he could give me it, since i was on my way home from the capital in the night. and the printing shop was at another town again, so we just met somewhere we crossed our ways. its a photo-printing company so the paper they could use costs like 3 times more than the one which would have been already perfectly fine for me. .. its almost like a canvas. .. which is no, not for packaging purposes (>>>>try to glue it together. no, it wont work. .. well, that was my sunday night story. .. and my family’s since i got like furious over it ^^’). .. they printed it out wrong btw. not only the rations went down and my entire packaging ended up smaller. but thats okay, a sacrifice i had to take, it doesnt change much. the thing is that they probably pulled the paper before it was finished printing, and they managed to create such aaammazing 3d kind of effect on my typography. .. well, if i would want to print out photographies in the future i wont go to them thats for sure. … im just angry about the price actually.
this is something i liked in china. printing out stuff was basically for free. i printed out my NL series there, ON CANVAS (300something g), better quality than this one here, and 1/1000 of the price. and that price was probably already automatically doubled because i was a western.
so, this was my printing story of friday. my entire friday was about this and other printing stuff. (i started to deal with the problem on wednesday! took me 2 days to get someone to print out this homework for me)

just a glance into .. what it takes to create something small and unimportant thing like my homework at a design uni.


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