spring is here. the wind is warm, the sun is sparkly. i feel the life coming back into my body. im just really… really so happy that spring is here cant even express : D
i loooove winter, i really do. but this joke what was here this year instead of winter was really depressing. when its snowy, when its white, when its skiing time, when its biting so cold, when its full of hot wine and hot chocolate, and its happy, and its my birthday : D this winter wasnt like that, it only snowed once! whyyy. i have so many great memories of wintery winters, i want it back.
.. but .. until it gets back, im just happy its greyness and darkness and depression is over, and im just happy its spring.
i already got back to walking again too. i didnt rebuy my monthly ticket for the public transportations, so now im back to walking everywhere, leaving a little bit earlier so i can arrive in time, and im so happy : D i was waiting when my ticket expires and i can walk again.
on the weekend i even went out to play tennis with my brother. … i havent played tennis for .. 10 years. o___o .. woah. that one i didnt expect. whatever, im still just as awful as i used to be, but it was fun, i want to get back to play tennis on regular basis. its embarassing how bad i am at it, the last time i played was when the last time i saw my trainer ^ ^’ .. when i finished 8th grade, at the age of 14. too long, too far. was really lovely now, was laughing a lot, and i want to play again. this weekend. and on the next ones.


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