i was drinking my morning tea in the garden on saturday. reading a little. then the second morning tea (its always two. i believe you know what im talking about). when i felt full of energy i thought i should do some work while i feel like it. went in the house, started to pack out my stuff for that, find my computer. when someone pointed out “why dont you go out to work, in the back garden the wifi still works”. so i was like, okay, why not, during winter i completely forgot that as an option, though i did that sometimes in the past.
so i made another tea, went out, adjusted myself, decided it looks so moody so i took a photo of it, edited together. i barely saw anything on the screen from the bright sunshine, but since i was about to do website html-ing it didnt really matter. posted the photo. and now i see that my computer is full of pastelmarks on the picture, which .. if i have seen.. i would have edited out : D but now.. well. thats a pieceย reality. my computer is having the prints of my life all over. pastels, pencils, ink, paints sprayed, nail polish. constantly changing my keyboard in the service because of spilled drinks, soup, champagne. … not so elegant.

… in the end didnt do any of the work. i turned around and was sitting under the sunlight, almost fell asleep. sigh~ : )


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